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General ⚙️

What can I use Tapify for?

Tapify is a smart business card equipped with NFC and QR code. Simply tap or scan the card to open up the Tapify profile with your contact information and social media.

From there the person you meet can save contact details instantly and send his contactdetails to you with our exchange feature.

Tapify profile is fully customizable with your own branding such as colors, profile picture and banner.

How does it work?

Tapify cards has a NFC chip inside that wirelessly sends your information. If you tap the card on compatible phones, a link will open up with your Tapify profile including contactinformation and socials ready to be saved to the phone.

For older phones that don't have NFC, there is a QR code on the back of the card.

Do you need an app?

No, that's the power of Tapify.

Anyone can use our business card. No app is needed to receive or change Tapify profile.

Does Tapify work on any smartphone?

Basically every smartphones works with Tapify Card, because we use 2 technologies: NFC and QR scan.

However, not every smartphone has NFC. Here is a full list of phones that have built in NFC-reading capability: NFC device list

Does Tapify require a subscription?

No! Tapify is free to use after the purchase of a Tapify Card.

We do offer Tapify Dashboard for businesses, this requires a subscription, for more information click here.

The webapp 🧑‍💻

How to create a profile?

this is a simple process, when you receive your Tapify Card easily create an account by scanning the Tapify Card.

After your account is created you can add setup your profile the way you want.

What content can I share on my profile?

Your profile can include any or all of the following:

- Profile photo, name, role in company, department and company

- Biography

- Phone numbers (personal / business), emails, websites and addresses

- Social media links

- more to come

Can I always edit the profile?

Yes, after you have created your account you'll able to login at any time to edit your profile.

Can I change the colors in the profile?

Yes, you can set any color you like using our color picker or through HEX code. You can find this under 'settings'.

Who sees my profile?

Think of your profile as your own personal website on the Cloud.  By tapping your card on someone's phone you are sharing your personal website with them. Your Tapify profile will not come up on web searches.

Delivery 📦

How long does it take to receive my card(s)?

Orders are usually dispatched within 7 business days – We endeavour to get your order to you ASAP. Once your order has been dispatched, delivery time will be subject to the delivery service selected but depending on the location it is 2-10 days.

Does Tapify ship worldwide?

Yes we do! 🌍

We offer Worldwide shipping free for orders above €60,-

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via debit/credit card, Apple/Google Pay, Paypal, iDeal, Bancontant, EPS, KBC and GiroPay


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